Wednesday OST – Limited Edition Purple Smoky Marbled Vinyl


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Wednesday OST – Limited Edition Purple Smoky Marbled Vinyl

Danny Elfman & Chris Bacon
2 LPs
Label: Lakeshore
Release date: 04.08.2023

“Writing the score for Wednesday was a real pleasure,” Elfman said in a statement provided to io9. “Heavy, light, gothic, silly, sweet, all of it together. The character of Wednesday has many facets, and it was a pleasure to score them all. I consciously tried to make the tracks heavy but fun (and a little funky, too) by mixing orchestra, synthesizers, drums and choir (with a touch of harpsichord to give a hint of the original Addams Family).”

Some of the best parts of Wednesday were the sweeping cello scores that will be included on this exclusive two-LP vinyl pressing. What you won’t find is the dance scene track “Goo Goo Muck” – you’ll have to get the Cramps album Bad Music for Bad People for that.


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