Square Enix | Guilty Gear Strive: Spiritale – Bridget 1/7 PVC Figure


ETA: Q3 2024


Guilty Gear Strive: Spiritale – Bridget
Square Enix – 1/7 PVC Figure
ETA: Available 2024 Q3

Bridget, the immensely popular character from from GUILTY GEAR STRIVE, has been realised in full 3D, with an awesome figure that captures the cheery disposition of his full-length character art.

The ever-popular Bridget from the GUILTY GEAR series comes to life as a 1/7 scale figurine that faithfully recreates his full-length character portrait from GUILTY GEAR STRIVE! This masterfully crafted figure takes a dynamic pose and renders all the fine details on Bridget’s yoyo weapon and his teddy bear companion Roger. You too can own this wonderful rendition of GUILTY GEAR’s cute yoyo-spinning trickster!

Product Specification:
– SPIRITALE’s high-quality ”smooth skin” texture. Bridget’s long legs feature SPIRITALE’s special “smooth skin” texture effect, from his socks up to his leggings. This unique effect makes the figure’s skin both look and feel smooth, adding to its beauty and realism. The sculpting on the line between the leggings also combines with subtle colour gradation to create a lifelike fleshy appearance.
– A cute and energetic expression Bridget’s cheery facial expression perfectly captures the appeal of the character.
– Dynamic movement on the clothing. Bridget’s trademark hoodie is sculpted to show dynamic movement that matches the character’s bright and cheery disposition. Care has been taken with the stitching on the sleeves and the colouring on the inner lining to create a realistic cloth texture.
– Faithful reproduction of Bridget’s unruly hair. The hair uses a clever colour gradation to recreate Bridget’s unruly locks so realistically that it just makes you want to flick them! All the little details from the character’s background have been faithfully recreated on the figure, really bringing out the cuteness.
– Custom stand based on Bridget’s in-game stage. The stand features the same smoke and star effects seen in the game, rendered using clear materials to emphasise the presence of the figure itself.
– Bounty hunter Bridget’s yoyo-like weapon. The yoyo weapon and the oversized handcuff that Bridget wears around his waist use metallic colours that shine beautifully for a convincing metal look. Fans should take the time to admire all the fine details on the construction of the yoyo!
– Roger, the mysterious talking teddy bear. When talking about Bridget, we can’t forget his partner Roger, the mysterious mechanical teddy bear with a distinctively powerful voice. The fluffy texture on Roger’s soft toy body is expertly rendered using colour gradations and sculpted stitching. In fact, the whole figure is packed with finely crafted details, such as the large buttons on the sleeves, the cords on the hoodie and the rubber effect on the soles and straps of Bridget’s shoes.


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