Square Enix | Blue Archive: Spiritale – Neru Mikamo Bunny Girl Version Version 1/7 PVC Figure


ETA: Q2 2024


Blue Archive: Spiritale – Neru Mikamo Bunny Girl Version Version

Square Enix – 1/7 PVC Figure

Preorders | Available 2024 Q3

“From smartphone game “”Blue Archive”” comes Millennium Science School’s “”Mikamo Neru””, wearing a bunny girl costume from a mission as part of the special “”Cleaning & Clearing”” force. Her look of embarrassment alongside the delicate painting make this figure quite a rare gem.

Product Specification:
– The much-talked-about infiltration mission bunny outfit- in 3D!
– She never imagined she’d end up as a bunny. Not only the body, but everything from the bowtie down to the bunny ears uses metallic paint for a glossy feel and finish. Look closer to see how much attention was given to getting the size just like it is in the game illustration. The skin you can see on both her upper and lower body is so strikingly clear and smooth due to Spiritale’s unique “”Smooth Skin Processing”” method.,/br>- Her sukajan, which she stubbornly refuses to take off even with the bunny girl outfit, is finished with pearlescent paint. The minute details of the design have been meticulously recreated, too.
– You can tell from her adorable blush that she’s a little embarrassed by the bunny outfit. Although it was an unavoidable part of the infiltration mission, she’s having quite a rough time of it. She also comes with a bonus smiling face, letting you see how she’d look without her usual fearless expression.
– The base recreates the atmosphere of the luxury cruise liner from the event with broken glass, playing cards, and gold tokens scattered about the stool.
– Only Sensei and Neru know how uncomfortable she is in high heels, with just some small bandages representing their shared secret to cover the blisters.
– “”Twin Dragon””, her double submachine guns, has been recreated with the barrels, small parts, etc. all being carefully sculpted.

Smooth Skin Processing
Spiritale figures are produced through a unique method called “”smooth skin processing”” and have a sleek texture. This manufacturing method is pleasing to the touch and has a beautiful appearance that leaves an impression. This results in a realistic feel that is not typical of anime figures. It is created not only for decoration but also to allow you to enjoy the “”smooth skin processing”” texture that is truly irresistible to touch.”


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